Damien Woody & Domonique Foxworth Go At It Over Jamal Adams Situation on 'Get Up'

By Geoff Magliocchetti
New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Jamal Adams thrust the set of Get Up into civil war on Thursday.

Former NFL stars and current hosts of the ESPN show Damien Woody and Domonique Foxworth staunchly took opposite sides in their analysis of the situation concerning Jamal Adams. The New York Jets safety recently took offense to revelations that general manager Joe Douglas fielded calls for a potential trade prior to Tuesday's deadline. Adams had expressed his displeasure on Twitter and later remarked "I hold myself at a high level. The Rams don’t take calls on Aaron Donald. The Patriots don’t take calls on Tom Brady."

Woody, a former offensive lineman for both the Jets and Brady's New England Patriots, was perplexed that Adams invoked the names of two participants in last year's Super Bowl.

"We all know you're a great player. There's no disputing that," Woody declare. "But it's GM Joe Douglas' job to field calls to try to improve the team long-term. Because the Jets have made so many mistakes in the past, they are buried at the different positions: pass rush, offensive, cornerback. And guess what?Sometimes you have to flip great players."

"I understand that this is a pride thing, and all those type of things, but this is how the game is played. We've seen Joe Montana get traded...and then you compare yourself to to Aaron Donald and Tom Brady. I'm sorry, but those guys play at premium position that uniquely impact the game."

Foxworth, himself a former secondary man in the NFL, instead launhced the blame toward Douglas.

"It's also Joe Douglas' job to be honest," Foxworth says. "(Douglas) said on Friday (Adams is) a cornerstone of this franchise, we're not going to move you, so don't take the calls. Don't be a liar."

Woody goes on to claim the sole unmovable member of the Jets is franchise quarterback Sam Darnold and cites the team's 1-6 record as the proof they everyone else should be expendable. Foxworth brushes those notions aside quickly, saying defensive cornerstones, as well as respect for the player, each have a place as well.

"I don't care about your record. I don't care what position you play. You deserve the respect, you deserve to be treated with dignity...don't lie to me."

The Jets return to action on Sunday afternoon against the Miami Dolphins.