Jamal Adams Is Out of His Element

New York Jets v New England Patriots
New York Jets v New England Patriots / Adam Glanzman/Getty Images

Jamal Adams is aggravated because first-year general manager Joe Douglas shopped him around in advance of this week's trading deadline.

This is, of course, Douglas' job. He's tasked with assembling the best possible team and one way to achieve that end is exploring opportunities with other franchises to make deals. Otherwise he'd be very bored in between drafts.

The New York Jets safety aired out his grievances against Douglas on Twitter yesterday but is still hot today. Here he is explaining why and comparing himself to some pretty lofty names along the way.

Aaron Donald. Tom Brady. Jamal Adams. One of those doesn't fit.

Look, the NFL is a cruel business. Players are a commodity to be maximized and then discarded. Anyone paying attention has made their peace with that fact long ago. It's hard not to take personally if you're in Adams' position, but it's a necessity.

It's also hard to imagine the New England Patriots haven't fielded any inquiries on Touchdown Tom throughout the years. Impossible even! Or that the Los Angeles Rams haven't picked up a phone while a person on the other line inquired about swinging a deal for Donald.

There's a pretty big gulf between listening and considering. And another big one between considering and doing.

If this is the way NFL players are going to react when connected to trade deadline rumors, I'm not so sure the league is ready for an NBA-style jamboree. Quite possibly a reason why we can't have fun, interesting things.