'Courtside Karen' and 'Daddy Carlos' Are the NBA's New Star Duo

"Courtside Karen" and "Daddy Carlos" during a YouTube Q&A.
"Courtside Karen" and "Daddy Carlos" during a YouTube Q&A. /

Two new stars were born on Monday night during the Los Angeles Lakers-Atlanta Hawks game. No, it wasn't any of the players who make up the Hawks' young core, it was two people sitting courtside who are now known all over the NBA as Courtside Karen and Daddy Carlos. Or, if you want to go by what LeBron James said, something less polite.

The couple at the center of the incident is Juliana and Kris Carlos. Kris (54-ish), an Atlanta native and partner at Republic National Distributing Company, was sitting courtside with his wife Juliana (25) and another couple when he irritated LeBron to the point where he said something back to him. That's when his companion got up and told LeBron to "shut the f--k up" and not talk to her husband like that. Here's Jomboy's breakdown featuring some clear audio from the incident. (Language NSFW)

As you can see in the video, LeBron calls Carlos an "old steroid ass." And as you know by now, the Internet quickly dubbed Juliana, "Courtside Karen." Based on their Instagram accounts (which Richard Jefferson seems to be a big fan of) they appear to have attended all three of the Hawks' home games where fans were allowed in the arena this season. Though they escaped notoriety until Monday.

As of Tuesday morning, Daddy Carlos has 10.1k followers and Juliana has 49.1k followers. They both must be on the influencer track as they just did a question and answer video for YouTube on January 24.

Actually, Juliana just started putting videos on YouTube on January 16th, a few days after the Hawks announced they would bring fans back. Then they put up a Q&A about how they met at LIV a few days before the first game and a week later they're famous. And none of their accounts have gone private...

I'm starting to wonder if this was a set-up. How much do you want to bet they're shopping a reality show by the end of the month?

Update: Carlos's Instagram appears to have been deleted.