Two Blonde Fans Courtside in Atlanta Heckled LeBron So Much Referees Stopped the Lakers - Hawks Game [UPDATE]

LeBron ahead of Hawks - Lakers.
LeBron ahead of Hawks - Lakers. / Kevin C. Cox/Getty Images

The Atlanta Hawks just started allowing fans to attend games last week, which means about 1,700 people were probably in attendance for Monday night's game against the Los Angeles Lakers. Hawks fans were obviously ready because things got so heated courtside between two women and LeBron James that officials had to pause the game so security could talk to them.

If you're sitting courtside this season in any arena, it's probably not recommended that you pull off your mask to yell at the player, but

As more comes out about this situation - and it most definitely will since one of the women was pretty obviously preparing a social media post - we will update.

UPDATE: And here is the update! It only took a few minutes. Apparently the two couples in those seats were kicked out of the game. The one woman updated her Instagram stories saying that LeBron looked at her husband and "cussed him out." That's when she stood up and threatened to "f--k him up."

And here's first person video from the group that was ejected courtside.

Another update, here's the woman continuing to say, "f--k you" to LeBron James. She has been labeled "Courtside Karen."

And here's an update from the Lakers side of things. Check out the entire thread. We'll add video.

UPDATE: Here's LeBron talking about it and then tweeting about it.