Cordarrelle Patterson Scored an 11 on the Wonderlic, and Tavon Austin Got a 7, According to a Report


Cordarrelle Patterson of Tennessee and Tavon Austin of West Virginia are widely thought to be the two best receivers in the 2013 NFL Draft. According to a report, both bombed the controversial “Wonderlic” test, which is given to all draft prospects at the Combine.

From the Journal-Sentinel:

"According to several teams, Patterson wasn’t impressive during interviews at the combine. He also scored 11 on the 50-question Wonderlic intelligence test, which caused more consternation. Austin’s test score was even lower at 7, but the majority of scouts expect him to learn a playbook without a major hitch. “He’s not a quick study and it will take him a little time,” another personnel director said. “He will work at it. He cares greatly about it.”"

I think Patterson and Austin both go off the board in the Top 20, and are the first two receivers taken. Patterson is an athletic freak; Austin is a blur on the field more slippery than Joe Carroll’s cult in the Following.

Ahhhhh, draft analysis. It’s fascinating stuff to read, but does it matter? Last year, LSU cornerback Mo Claiborne scored a 4 on the test, then admitted to barely trying and not finishing it. He had a nice season in Dallas.

Two years ago, two more SEC players, AJ Green of Georgia and Patrick Peterson of LSU rang up a 10 and 9, respectively, on the test. Both are already in the Top 10 – maybe higher – in the NFL at their respective positions.

I won’t bore you with the rich history of QBs who have scored high on the Wonderlic and tanked, and vice versa. Just accept Patterson and Austin’s scores for what they are – numbers on a test.