Colin Cowherd Reached Peak Colin Cowherd by Comparing UConn to 'Oppenheimer'

Colin Cowherd
Colin Cowherd /

Loyal readers of this website know that we have a legitimate appreciation for Colin Cowherd's metaphors. What he means to convey with those metaphors is a different matter entirely. But as constant purveyors of everything said in the sports media ecosystem each day we know how hard it is to come up with unique "X is like X" comparisons without leaning on the tropes we've been hearing since the turn of the century. Hell, Stephen A. Smith is probably the highest-paid talking head in the game and he turned to calling UConn the "Michael Jordans" of college basketball programs earlier today. How many times have you heard that one? Exactly.

Cowherd's creativity is top-tier in this industry. But today, we believe he reached his final form. He'll never get more Cowherd than he did when he compared UConn's tournament run to Oppenheimer.

We won't say anything else. Just enjoy.

Man, oh man. As stated above we don't always endorse what Cowherd is saying as opposed to how he is saying it, and in that regard, who knows what he's getting at here? This segment is more than four minutes long and it is honestly difficult to parse out the point. But that has long been one of Cowherd's premier skills -- talking a lot without saying much.

With that out of the way, we marvel at the Cowherdness the Fox Sports host reached here. "In a world of TikTok, in a world of a lot of sizzle over substance, in a world of headlines over actually reading the article, UConn is the movie Oppenheimer." Come on! If one were to stumble across that sentence in the wild they'd have to assume it was spoken by Colin Cowherd. He takes Mad Libbing in sports to an extrasolar level. It's outstanding.

Cowherd has peaked. May as well pack it up because no metaphor will touch this one.