Colin Cowherd Compares Mac Jones to a Blackberry Phone

Mac Jones
Mac Jones / Alika Jenner/Getty Images

There is perhaps no sports media personality more adept at concocting a ridiculous-sounding metaphor and then backing it up with a valid argument than Colin Cowherd. He lives for this extremely specific niche. Considering he has to cook up 15 hours' worth of on-screen content for nearly every week of the year, it's probably how the FOX Sports host keeps himself sane.

Today, he discussed Alabama quarterback Mac Jones' prospects as a professional and whether he is worth a first-round pick. This is a concept that picked up a lot of steam last week after analysts wondered aloud if the Niners traded up to No. 3 overall specifically to take Jones. Cowherd's take was to compare Jones to a Blackberry and note that Jones, like the Blackberry, is the standard of yesteryear.

The days of everybody wanting a Blackberry are gone, just as the days of teams fighting for the chance to draft a quarterback with a good arm but lacking in mobility or upper-tier athleticism are. Just as you wouldn't pay out of pocket for a Blackberry nowadays, no team should use a first on Jones.

Once again, upon reflection, Cowherd has a good point. Tom Brady was the only QB in the NFL's final four last year that does all of his damage from within the pocket, and he is the exception to all rules. The only starter who is considered above-average and has a similar game is... Matthew Stafford? Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger were part of that dying breed of quarterback last year and had their moments but were also part of the reason their teams went home early. There are only a handful of those protoypes that start under center nowadays. Even Daniel Jones or Ryan Fitzpatrick can get you some yards in the open field.

That isn't to say Jones can't succeed, just as having a Blackberry in 2021 is a fine way to live. Both can get the job done. But when investing money and time, there are better options to go with.