CNN Reporter Harry Enten Hopes Bills Make Taylor Swift Cry


The Buffalo Bills have an opportunity to conquer recent demons once and for all with the Kansas City Chiefs coming to town as part of the weekend's slate of Divisional Round playoff games. Their fans wasted no time in setting themselves on fire in the hours leading up to kickoff so it's safe to say Bills Mafia is ready to go.

If you were watching CNN on Saturday night, that was even more readily apparent. Anderson Cooper was hosting a weather report on the upcoming contest as the forecast called for more snow. The network had journalist Harry Enten on the ground in Buffalo and he made sure to declare his allegiances quite clearly, explaining to Cooper that as a Bills fan he hopes Taylor Swift cries by the end of the game even though he is also a Swift fan.

Nobody can resist making a Swift reference during a football conversation. Not even CNN! The Swift-Kelce reach is further than we can comprehend. It's always fun to see reporters outside of the usual sports network break character in such a manner, too. Keeps television interesting.

While the Bills are favored to win the game it is going to be pretty tough to make Swift cry. It's been a down year for the Chiefs yet they are still the Chiefs and employ Patrick Mahomes. Travis Kelce is having a down year but has the benefit of significant postseason experience to buoy him. So the odds of a Swift tear remain low.

Points to Enten for trying to speak it into existence, though.