Fans Lighting Themselves on Fire Again Ahead of Bills-Chiefs

Buffalo Bills
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The rowdy faithful of the Buffalo Bills gathered in the cold and snow for the second week in a row on Sunday in preparation for the visiting Kansas City Chiefs. The two sides will duel for a spot in the AFC Championship Game against the Baltimore Ravens. And Bills mafia was ready with the gasoline.

Following the path set by a few Bills fans earlier this season, the fans in Orchard Park were not content to simply jump through folding tables (as has become their reputation). No, there needs to be fire involved now. So, on Sunday, a fan wearing a Detroit Lions shirt got suplexed off the back of a pickup truck onto a flaming surface. And then he appeared to forget the key rule of all fire-- stop, drop, and roll.

A solid five to eight extra seconds of burning because the guy didn't just drop and roll! It was more than a little aggravating to watch his buddies smack his flaming butt when the obvious solution was open to him from the moment he hit the turf. Then again, quick thinking isn't really what should be expected from these nice people getting thrown through fire and plastic.

It isn't a Bills playoff game without some wild antics from the fans. Even if the fan, in this case, roots for the Lions and not the home team.