Lana Del Rey Crushed in Taylor Swift Booth After Chiefs Super Bowl Win

Lana Del rey
Lana Del rey /

It was pandemonium in Las Vegas after the Kansas City Chiefs scored a walk-off touchdown in overtime to defeat the San Francisco 49ers in Super Bowl LVIII, 25-22. The Chiefs spilled onto the field to celebrate as the Niners trudged off. Up in the Taylor Swift booth, everybody was jumping up and down screaming their heads off. Much to the chagrin of Lana Del Rey.

Del Rey was in Swift's suite for the end of the game and was standing next to her, Ice Spice, and Blake Lively when Patrick Mahomes threw the final touchdown to Mecole Hardman. As everybody started to mob each other, Del Rey appeared to brace herself before she got crushed by a man who was leaping over to celebrate with the Swift crew.

If you look at the left side of the frame you can see Del Rey getting overwhelmed by the mass of humanity.

A closer zoom in case you can't see it:

How's that for a Super Bowl experience? Drowning in a sea of celebration. Her next album is gonna have some bangers on it about this. They won't have the energy of a Super Bowl victory pile, though. Her music tends to have some... different vibes.

Swift really does bring all sorts of people together. Including Lana Del Rey to the Super Bowl.

A previous version of this article mistakenly identified the man crushing Del Rey as CC Sabathia. It is Andre Eanes, Travis Kelce's manager.