Four Chris Jones Free Agency Destinations

Chris Jones
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Joe Burrow
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Cincinnati Bengals

The Bengals are at an interesting fork in the road. Tee Higgins and Tyler Boyd, two parts of the three-headed monster at receiver that led Cincy to their first Super Bowl appearance, are both free agents. The team has $61 million in cap space. They need to reserve some of it to extend Ja'Marr Chase, but have more than enough to keep the wideout core mostly or entirely intact if they so choose. But seeing what the Chiefs did this year might convince them to spend their money otherwise.

Why bring back Boyd and Higgins when they could spend a huge chunk of change on an elite defender, transforming that unit while still making sure Joe Burrow has his top option? It can be a championship formula if the QB in question is good enough to elevate average players to great players, and Burrow has shown signs he can do that. This would also add a very juicy layer to the budding Bengals-Chiefs rivalry. Definitely an intriguing possibility for Jones.