There's One Obvious Omission From the Chargers' New Uniform Release Photo

Chargers Uniforms.
Chargers Uniforms. / Via @Chargers, Twitter.

The Chargers released their new uniforms today and the reception has been unanimously positive. The colors pop, all the sets work together, and their color rush is possibly the best one ever.

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However, while admiring the photo, I noticed someone missing. I just couldn't help but laugh because it's the person the Chargers have steadfastly backed this entire offseason as the man leading their team into this new era.

The biggest surprise of this offseason has been the Chargers' reluctance to add any new quarterbacks after parting ways with Philip Rivers. With Cam Newton and Jameis Winston still free agents, there's been more speculation around the Chargers picking one of them up than any other team. However, the Chargers have been consistent in their assertion that Tyrod Taylor is their starter going into next season, which makes his absence from this photo even more obvious.

The highest-selling jerseys in the NFL are routinely quarterbacks, with eight of the top 12 jerseys in 2019 belonging to the QB position. When a team changes uniforms, the highest-selling uniform is usually their signal caller, as evidenced by Tom Brady jerseys flying off the shelf when the Bucs unveiled their new uniforms.

Clearly, selling QB jerseys for the Chargers isn't a priority.

Despite having the best jerseys in the NFL, the Chargers didn't have one player in the top 50 spots in jersey sales last year, according to Fanatics. They've struggled to build a fanbase in Los Angeles since leaving San Diego and this amazing redesign has to be aimed at trying to increase their presence at home and around the nation.

Based on the spacing, the Chargers feel Joey Bosa will sell the most uniforms for them as he's front and center. Also pictured are (from left to right), Mike Williams, Austin Ekeler, Bosa, Derwin James, Michael Davis and Keenan Allen. James was shown in the initial release photo and featured in the release video. Taylor is not featured anywhere.

The Chargers are expected to pick a quarterback this Thursday in the first round of the NFL Draft. While they've said Taylor is their guy going into next season, everyone knows he's a one-year stop-gap QB at best, with the potential to not start at all depending on how the rookie fares. But if you were looking for confirmation, the Chargers offered it with their beautiful new jersey release photos.