Everyone Missed Ian Rapoport's Little News Nugget on Cam Newton

When will Cam Newton sign?
When will Cam Newton sign? / Streeter Lecka/Getty Images

Some days (well, most days) the deluge of sports information spouted out by those in the know is so great, you miss little droplets of knowledge here and there that actually matter.

This Cam Newton nugget from Ian Rapoport feels like that kind of moment.

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While appearing on The Rich Eisen Show, Rapoport was asked about Newton and Jameis Winston signing with a team. The segment lasted only 35 seconds, but provided some interesting insight into where things stand with Newton now and when he might sign. Surprisingly, the two new items of news have generated little to no discussion in the football world yet.

Start at 9:15 in the clip to hear Rapoport's full comment.

To summarize, Rapoport said Newton wants a starting job or a chance at a starting job (knew that) but that he doesn't see a starting QB role out there right now for Newton (interesting news when you think of the Chargers, Patriots, Dolphins, and Jaguars' QB situations). Rap then said his sense is Newton will wait until late-summer to sign, after a QB gets hurt and a team needs someone to step into the starting role (that's new too).

Rapoport indicated the Chargers (Tyrod Taylor), Patriots (Jarrett Stidham), Dolphins (Ryan Fitzpatrick) and Jaguars (Gardner Minshew) don't have QB openings despite the fact that none of those QBs are as accomplished as Newton, which is also interesting to me. Sure, Newton's been banged up the last few years and hasn't looked great when he is under center, but still. You want those guys over Cam?

Of course, I understand there's a lot more to it than just who the starter is. All four of those teams could draft another QB this year and might prefer someone else to mentor them over Newton. But at his best, Newton was the best player in the league and right now he's motivated to prove he's still got it. Surely some team would take a one-year flier on him?

Based on what Rap said, don't expect that until they're forced to.

Perhaps I'm naive about this whole thing, but I was surprised to learn it will likely take Newton that long to sign and that basically the entire NFL (even the teams with unproven QBs) doesn't think he's worthy of a starting-QB role right now. Perhaps I missed that news nugget in the churn? Keep those eyes sharp, people.