The Chargers Nailed Their Uniform Redesign

New Chargers uniforms
New Chargers uniforms /

The NFL offseason is dark and filled with terrors, not the least of which is poor uniform redesigns. So far, the Los Angeles Rams drew great ire with their logo changes, the Patriots switched to full-time color rush jerseys, who knows what the Falcons were thinking, and the Browns and Bucs both went back to previous designs with a fresh twist instead of something totally new. Not all are terrible, but none are particularly good.

The Los Angeles Chargers have made many questionable decisions over the last few years, but in a stunning turn of events, they knocked their own uniform redesign out of the park. With a nod to the popular powder blue getups that we all agree are by far the best Chargers jerseys, these are what the players will be rocking when they presumably move into their new stadium this fall.

Yep. These are awesome. A classic color scheme with a modern twist. The yellow pants-white jersey combination will be hit or miss for me, but overall the franchise nailed it. Featuring powder blue as the primary color is something we can all get behind.

They're the first new uniforms I've actually gotten excited about. Can't wait to see them in action.