Pat McAfee Calls Out Eagles for Leaking Inaccurate, BS Carson Wentz Reports

Carson Wentz.
Carson Wentz. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

It's felt like there have been several thousand million Carson Wentz trade rumors over the last few weeks and, depending on which one you listened to, a trade for the former-Pro-Bowler-turned-worst-quarterback-in-the-league was imminent and the return was going to be something substantial like the two first-round picks the Lions got for Matt Stafford.

Then today, another leak occurred (gotta check those pipes, Philly). Only this painted a grimmer picture. The Eagles, who screwed themselves by giving Wentz an insane contract, were not happy with the offers they were receiving for Carson. It wasn't "fair" and, stomping their feet, crossing their arms and making a pouty face, the Eagles aren't going to move Wentz without getting what they deserve. Humph.

If you look back on those last two paragraphs, the common thread is pro-Eagles propaganda. First, a trade is "imminent" and the return "substantial." Then (Insert crying emoji) the offers the Eagles received weren't "fair."

Wonder who is leaking these pieces of information like their future depends on it? Pat McAfee has an idea.

As McAfee points out, the Eagles stand to benefit the most from all of these leaks. Meanwhile, their actions point to Jalen Hurts being the quarterback of the future in Philly.

Calling the reports "not accurate" and "bullsh*t," McAfee laments the reality that we have to pay attention to these rumors because of how crazy the quarterback trade market is this offseason, but also reminds viewers to think about who benefits from the reports before drawing conclusions.

McAfee, who always speaks his mind, appears accurate in his assessment of the Carson Wentz trade rumors. Wentz doesn't gain anything by leaking any of the information spread throughout the media over the last few weeks and neither do the teams who may be interested in trading for him. The only side that does is the Eagles. That they're being this transparent about the leaks is doing them a disservice. Frankly, it just makes them look desperate to move Wentz.