Adam Schefter Guesses Carson Wentz Will Be Traded This Offseason

Carson Wentz
Carson Wentz / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

From the outside looking in, it sure seems like the Philadelphia Eagles have a Carson Wentz problem of some magnitude. The former No. 2 overall pick's play tumbled off the face of the Earth in 2020 for reasons no one can really discern. His contract is enormous and certainly not what his play suggests he deserves. His backup, Jalen Hurts, played well enough to reasonably believe he could be the starting signal-caller for a good football team.

But it also does not seem like the Eagles believe they have a Carson Wentz problem. The organization fired Doug Pederson and brought in supposed offensive guru Nick Sirianni in what appeared to be a move to help Wentz get back on his feet. Sal Paolantonio reported yesterday for ESPN that those within the franchise believe Wentz can be fixed.

If they are correct about that, Philly would have two good quarterbacks on the roster instead of one. That is a good problem to have. But there will be no definitive answer to whether or not Wentz is fixable until the 2021 season is underway. Any legitimate attempt at fixing Wentz would require hanging onto his onerous contract for at least one more season. At this juncture, it feels Philadelphia is set on that course.

Unless Adam Schefter guesses correctly, as he is wont to do. Appearing on The John Kincade Show this morning, Schefter said if he had to take a gander at it all, he would hazard a guess that Wentz will be traded this offseason.

The forward-facing comments from the organizational brass have all supported Wentz. Of course, those mean nothing if a team comes a-calling with an offer they deem worthy. But it's hard to imagine any organization giving up a lot for Wentz between his play and his contract. Schefter suggested that a first-round pick at minimum would be the starting point for trade talks in this same segment.

It isn't at all out of the realm of possibility that a team would give up a first-round pick and a first-round pick alone for Wentz. Worse trades have been made. It's a low buy for a guy everyone assumed was a franchise quarterback as recently as August. But the Eagles are going to have a tough time getting significantly more than that, which feels like would have to be the case for any trade to reach a serious discussion point. Given how many quarterbacks are going to be on the move this offseason, there will be no team throwing all their assets at Philly for Wentz as their desperation heave.

Schefter knows all that and still thinks Wentz will ultimately be in a different uniform come September. He wasn't joking when he said he thought 18 quarterbacks could change teams over the next few months, apparently.