Brock Purdy's Empty Handed Fumble Looks Pretty Funny in Slow Motion


Brock Purdy and the San Francisco 49ers traveled to Ohio to take on the Cleveland Browns in Week 6. The teams got into it before the game started and then the 49ers scored on their first drive and it looked like the Niners might run away with things, but the Browns hung tough and only trailed 10-7 going into halftime.

The Niners might have done better in the first half if Brock Purdy could have held onto the ball. On third-and-15 late in the second qaurter, Purdy dropped back to throw, but forgot the ball. As you can see the football slipped out of his hand as he got ready to throw and it was gone long before he completed his throwing motion.

It's always funny to see a quarterback try to throw a ball that is no longer in his hand. Fortunately, for the Niners, Purdy immediately fell on the ball. Unfortunately, the resulting loss of yardage took them out of field goal range.

Purdy finished the first half with a pedestrian 7-of-12 passes complete for just 72 yards and that one touchdown on a shovel pass to Christian McCaffrey. Not exactly the MVP-level performance that has fans debating his greatness.