Brady Quinn Attacks Media In Bizarre Defense of Urban Meyer

Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars
Atlanta Falcons v Jacksonville Jaguars / Sam Greenwood/GettyImages

Urban Meyer is getting ripped from all sides as his disastrous first season with the Jacksonville Jaguars grinds on. His attitude, personality and off-field issues have come under fire, as has his coaching as the Jags have limped to a 2-11 record. On Monday, Meyer's former Fox Sports colleague, Brady Quinn attacked the media while defending the 57-year-old head coach.

During an episode of 2 Pros and a Cup of Joe, Quinn claimed the media never gave Meyer a chance and are reporting certain things and attacking him out of a vendetta.

Here's what Quinn had to say about Meyer and the media:

"Are there potential leaks coming out of Jacksonville? Probably. That’s how this stuff gets out. But there’s also been people who have been angling or trying to take shots or basically put out this story that it’s not gonna work since day one. Since Urban Meyer got there. I mean that’s my issue with all of this. The media never gave Urban Meyer a chance. And from the get-go, it starts with the fact that a lot of the media members who have no relationship with Urban Meyer or any other college coach for that matter hate the fact that they would have to, one, develop a relationship with someone new again, and two, I feel like there’s this sentiment that college and NFL, it’s like the minor leagues and big leagues."

He continued:

"So I feel like the media has had it out for him in the first place. I know people who are personally and emotionally frustrated with the fact they haven’t gotten as much access in Jacksonville. And people who have worked in that market for a long time and haven’t got access to him. So now they have an ax to grind. And that’s how they’ve handled things in Jacksonville, purely because they haven’t gotten a sit-down or they haven’t gotten time with him. Like, think about how catty that is. But that’s how the media is now. Like, they use the power of the pen basically like a vendetta just because their personal feelings are hurt instead of being professional about it."

Quinn added that, in his view, the media never gave Meyer a chance and that now his coaches are leaking stuff as they look for a "life vest" to save their own careers.

Honestly, this is a bizarre defense of Meyer. He's been an absolute disaster this season. This isn't about the media. He's said really dumb things, has created his own personal problems, and blamed everyone else for Jacksonville's issues.

The person at fault for the way Urban Meyer is being covered, is Urban Meyer. End of story. Quinn's defense of Meyer and attack on the media is flat-out dumb.