Brady Quinn to the New York Jets?


Part of the intrigue apparently stems from new quarterbacks coach David Lee, who has “tutored” Quinn over the years and once stated “Brady Quinn has a stronger arm than both the Manning brothers,” as if that means anything. Should Jets fans be a little unnerved that the team’s new QB coach is not only responsible for tutoring Quinn, but openly gushing over him too? Absolutely, but it should also feel familiarly depressing. If it reeks of hopelessness, chances are the Jets are interested.

In five NFL seasons, Quinn has made 20 starts, throwing 12 touchdowns and 17 interceptions. Such beefy numbers would serve as nice motivation for Mark Sanchez to be an eyelash above awful.

The Jets will reportedly go to camp with five quarterbacks. As of now, it’s Sanchez, Greg McElroy and Matt Simms. Adding Quinn would be hilarious. Throw in Kyle Boller to round out the rotation and the Jets have officially become my favorite standup act.

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