The Ending of Bills-Vikings Was Insane

Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills
Minnesota Vikings v Buffalo Bills / Isaiah Vazquez/GettyImages

The Buffalo Bills and Minnesota Vikings engaged in an absolute barnburner of a game on Sunday and the last two minutes were absolutely nuts. The two teams went back and forth for the first three quarters and the Bills held a 27-23 lead over Minnesota when the two-minute warning hit. Then things went off the rails.

The Vikings faced a fourth-and-18. If they didn't convert, they were going to lose the game. Kirk Cousins heaved the ball up to Justin Jefferson, who somehow, some way, came down with the ball. It was Hail Mary-level miracle ball that Jefferson caught and it was the best catch of the year. Maybe even one of the best you'll ever see for a regular-season game.

Galvanized by the incredible snag, the Vikings quickly marched down the field and ended up at the goal line with less than one minute remaining. Cousins threw the ball to a wide open Dalvin Cook ... who bobbled and then dropped the ball. The pure opposite of Jefferson's grab. The kind of drop that haunts the sleep of both players and coaches for months.

But! The Bills were flagged for being offsides! The Vikings get one more shot at the one-inch line to score a TD. They called a QB sneak.

Cousins didn't make it across the goal line. It was very, very close. But he didn't pull it off.

From all the replay angles it looked like it was the right call, so hats off to the refs for nailing that one. Very hard call to make in a crucial spot and they did it.

Contrary to what you may think by this point, reader, the game was not over.

The Bills got the ball but they couldn't just kneel it and run out the clock. They needed to move it forward a few yards to avoid a safety, which seemed like the worst-case scenario.

Wrong! The worst-case scenario was Josh Allen fumbling the snap and the Vikings recovering in the end zone for a go-ahead touchdown. Which is exactly what happened.

Insanity. Never seen anything like it before. Minnesota hit the extra point to go up 30-27.

Then, of course, Allen managed to get his team down into chip-shot field goal range in 40 seconds with ease and the game went to OT-- but not before a very controversial catch that was not reviewed.

The Bills hit the field goal and the game went into overtime, which was significantly less hectic. The Vikings received the ball first and kicked a field goal of their own to go up 33-30. Allen dragged the Bills down the field and back into field goal range before he threw a pick right to Patrick Peterson, his second of the day. Minnesota pulls off the ridiculous comeback win and Buffalo has a week to think about how things went so horribly wrong.

A crazier ending to a game we've not seen in a long, long time.