The Referees For Bills-Dolphins Were Horrendous

AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills
AFC Wild Card Playoffs - Miami Dolphins v Buffalo Bills / Bryan M. Bennett/GettyImages

In what will probably go down as the biggest surprise of the weekend the Miami Dolphins hung very tough with the Buffalo Bills. Josh Allen's squad still emerged victorious, 34-31, but it was no sure thing and the Dolphins should be lauded for keeping up despite starting their third-string quarterback. A lot of different guys played very well to make that happen, especially on the defensive side of the ball for Miami.

You know who didn't have a good day? The referees.

There was no singular call that was so obviously wrong it infuriated the masses. There were no game-changing calls, really. It was just a shocking amount of incompetence on display.

There were probably a dozen missed delay of game calls. If a coach wanted anything reviewed after the two-minute warning he had to call a timeout and beg the officials to do their jobs. There was much confusion in both halves about the game clock and play clock. The game was nearly four hours long because the officials constantly needed time to get their act together.

Their shining moment came on the last Bills possession and the final drive of the game. Devin Singletary took the handoff on third down and pushed his way towards the first-down marker. The refs assumed he got the first down and even moved the chains before finally agreeing to review the spot thanks to the Miami coaches literally jumping up and down.

The review made it obvious that Singletary did not get the first down. The refs ruled he got it anyway and ended the game.

It is just frustrating. The refs aren't going to get everything right but the sheer ineptitude on display for this playoff game is shocking and frustrating in equal measures. Get it together, people.