Even Bill Belichick Getting In on the Taylor Swift-Travis Kelce Craze

New England Patriots v New York Jets
New England Patriots v New York Jets / Al Bello/GettyImages

Taylor Swift took the NFL world by storm on Sunday when she attended the Kansas City Chiefs-Chicago Bears game, sitting in the Kelce family suite alongside Travis Kelce's mother. Everyone directly or tangentially involved in football is falling over themselves to comment on the situation and farm that sweet, sweet Swiftie engagement. Adam Schefter was earnestly reporting on Kelce and Swift leaving yesterday's game together like it was a crucial scoop.

The one person everybody universally expected to not have anything to say on the matter is probably Bill Belichick, famous for his curmudgeonly answers when asked any question that does not involve the minutiae of the sport. Sure, he complimented Swift in an interview before and complimented her ability to play in poor weather conditions. But that was in August, well before the games started. Belichick is in regular-season mode now which historically has meant any non-football questions are met with a glare filled with loathing and a non-committal grunt.

The Swift craze has gotten even to him, however. Belichick was asked during a Boston radio interview about the Swift-Kelce connection and gave not only a real answer but a humurous one too!

He really leaned into it, too. You can tell he had it prepped and ready to let fly as soon as someone asked him.

I do wonder what this answer would've looked like if the New England Patriots had lost Sunday's contest against the New York Jets. Belichick is in a slightly better mood when talking to reporters after victories, especially victories against his former employers in New York. He becomes a black hole of animosity after losses. But clearly he likes Swift so maybe he would've been willing to play ball anyway.

Fasten your seatbelts, folks, because we are just getting started here. The Swifties are taking over the NFL.