Bart Scott's Kansas City Chiefs Prediction is on Life Support

Harry How/GettyImages

The Kansas City Chiefs defeated the Los Angeles Chargers for the second time this season and currently enjoy the best record in the AFC in addition to a three-game lead atop the West with the tiebreaker. Who could have possibly seen this coming? Well, pretty much everyone except the squeaky wheels that forecasted doom and gloom for a team that has Patrick Mahomes, Andy Reid and as much recent success as anyone in the league. Chief among them was Bart Scott, who appears to have been loud wrong when he forecasted KC would miss the playoffs during an early-September appearance on Get Up.

There's no doubt that the quest for engaging content can lead a person to some weird places. Forecasting doom and gloom for the Chiefs was a lonely island at the time and now even lonelier. Michael Scott, quoting Wayne Gretzky, once said you miss 100 percent of the shots you don't take. But the unsaid truth is that you miss a lot of the shots you do take. If misery loves company, Scott can reach out to James Jones, who predicted Mahomes & Co. would finish last in their division. Which again, is literally impossible at this point.

None of this is to dunk on people who got things wrong. Being interesting is far more important than being correct. But perhaps there's a small lesson to be learned. Kansas City, who everyone knows is good ... is acually good. That's why there should have been no freakout when Buffalo went in there and won earlier this year. And why there shouldn't be a freakout if the Chiefs lay an egg down the stretch.

Sometimes obvious things are obvious.