Bar Rescue's Jon Taffer Is Really Excited About This Double-Deep Butt Funnel [Video]


SpikeTV’s Bar Rescue is one of my favorite shows of all-time. If you’re not familiar, a man named Jon Taffer goes around to America’s failing bars and saves them. On the most recent episode of Bar Rescue, Jon Taffer talked about his greatest invention – the “butt funnel.”

As Taffer describes it, a butt funnel is “a tight entrance to a dance floor that causes people to rub up together.” The term alone is hilarious, but the way that Taffer says it with such passion always slays me. Especially when you think of  the butt chugging at Tennessee or Mark Sanchez’s buttfumble. So sit back and watch this video over and over as you laugh at Taffer saying the following:

“double-deep butt funnel”

“a super butt funnel”

“the deepest butt funnel I have ever done”

I am hyperventilating. If you don’t watch Bar Rescue, you’re missing out.