Jerry Jones Gets Snippy With Dallas Radio Host Over Cowboys Leadership Question

Jerry Jones
Jerry Jones / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

The Dallas Cowboys are in deep trouble. It's hard not to be when a team loses its starting quarterback for the year, but things are starting to fall apart in Dallas. Early last week brought us rumblings of discontent in the locker room, discontent that will probably only grow after a 25-3 loss to the Washington Football Team this past Sunday.

But life must go on, even with a bad Cowboys team. Jerry Jones made his weekly appearance on 105.3 The Fan today. He was asked about a potential leadership void in the locker room. He was not pleased with the question and was a bit short when cohost Shan Shariff tried to clarify.

I will say that Shariff handled this well. "Why won't you just shut up and let me answer?" is not exactly the response one hopes to get when conducting an interview at any point, much less one conducted with a personality like Jones. But he kept it rolling despite the tense moment.

Jones probably got irritated because his team stinks, but it was a valid question. Peter King observed that Ezekiel Elliott looked disinterested and the rest of the team just wasn't playing hard on Sunday. A strong leadership presence within the locker room would obviously go a long way towards solving that problem, and right now, it appears the Cowboys don't really have it.

They have another two-thirds of the season to turn things around. But considering they might be starting seventh-round pick Ben DiNucci at quarterback this week after Andy Dalton's concussion, all hope may be lost already. Which means this could become the norm for Jones interviews the week after a loss.