Tiki Barber Rips Dallas Cowboys For Not Standing Up For Andy Dalton

Ryan Phillips
Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team
Andy Dalton, Dallas Cowboys v Washington Football Team / Patrick McDermott/Getty Images

On Sunday, the Dallas Cowboys didn't react when quarterback Andy Dalton got annihilated by a dirty hit from Washington linebacker Jon Bostic. Rather than stand up and fight for their injured quarterback, the Cowboys seemed to not care. Tiki Barber has a serious problem with that.

Bostic was ejected for leading with his helmet and hitting a defenseless Dalton in the head as the veteran quarterback slid following a short run in the third quarter. The hit knocked Dalton out and he needed help leaving the field. Despite that, the Cowboys didn't fire back or go after Bostic for something that was dirty as hell, intentional and incredibly dangerous.

On Monday's episode of Tiki and Tierney, Barber went off on the Cowboys:

Here's the key quote:

""They did nothing. There is no fight in this Cowboys team. At all. No fight. No Care. No want to. No nothing. They don't give two 'you-know-whats' about their teammates ... America's Team, that's all I gotta say""

Barber is right. There is no fight in the Cowboys. How did no one go after Bostic? They just let it happen and let him walk away without so much as a protest. It was a horrible look from the Cowboys.

It's no wonder that a team with players that disconnected from each other is 1-6.