Alex Caruso Probably Made the Right Call Skipping His Sister's 100-Guest Texas Wedding Last Weekend

Alex Caruso
Alex Caruso / John McCoy/Getty Images

Alex Caruso is safely inside the NBA bubble at Disney World as intrasquad scrimmages are about to begin. While some players have left the bubble to attend to family emergencies, Caruso decided to remain in the bubble and miss another type of family event - his sister's wedding. When you hear that, you might think it was a cold decision by the Lakers guard, but holy crap this should not have been a decision he had to make in the first place.

Under normal circumstances, I am staunchly in the camp where family comes first. People should be able to schedule weddings whenever they want, college football be damned. No player should ever miss the birth of a child. Zion Williamson has to leave the bubble right before the NBA restarts for a family emergency? Do it.

But the choice Caruso had to make was absolutely insane. Caruso was born in College Station, Texas, and his family remains local. His sister was married just outside Austin last weekend. There were 100 people there. And the reception was INDOORS. In Texas, which is currently one of the hottest hotspots in the world for coronavirus right now. And here's what Caruso told ESPN's Zach Lowe:

""There were some people that should have had masks on that didn't," Caruso said of the wedding. "I would say 75% of the people had them on. Texas and Florida -- they can kind of be their own countries at times. Some people just like to do their own thing.""

This pretty much sums up the state of things in this country. Americans need to be saved from themselves.

Rob Pelinka and Frank Vogel gave their blessing for Caruso to attend the wedding. His teammates all told him they would support his decision either way. Thankfully, Caruso made the right call for himself, his teammates, the NBA bubble, and really, just the community in general.