Newsmax Host Blames Aaron Rodgers Achilles Injury on Ayahuasca, Not Going to Church


Well, this is a new one. On Thursday, Newsmax host Greg Kelly blamed Aaron Rodgers' torn Achilles tendon on his psychedelic drug use. The host claimed he saw the the four-time NFL MVP's injury coming because he used Ayahuasca which, according to Kelly, "Is a crummy substitute for God."

Check the video out below:

That was not a parody, it was an actual segment on a supposed news channel.

When the people in charge of MetLIfe Stadium's turf see this they're going to be so excited. They're completely off-the-hook, Rodgers using mind-altering drugs is to blame. Phew! New York Jets and Giants players can now relax, the turf isn't the problem, Rodgers' inner-peace is to blame.

I'm not sure how Rodgers finding himself and having a happy attitude led to a tendon in his body tearing, but I'm not going to try and apply logic to Kelly's ridiculous premise. Just going to laugh and move on.