Aaron Rodgers: 'Words Are So Interesting'

Matthew Stockman/GettyImages

New York Jets quarterback and citizen of the world Aaron Rodgers spoke at a psychedelics conference in Denver on Wednesday, which is just fantastic. More people should have an open mind and what he does on darkness retreats cannot hurt you, no matter how amusing you find the whole situation. There he made a pitch for them to be legalized. A little birdie provided the audio to Pro Football Talk's Mike Florio.

“Is it not ironic that the things that actually expand your mind are illegal and the things that . . . dumb you down have been legal for centuries?” Rodgers observed at one point. And it is. It's very ironic.

He also spoke about how his on-field play improved after taking the ayahusca plunge, which many people conveniently forget. “It’s gonna be hard to cancel me,” he said. “Because previous year, 26 touchdowns, 4 interceptions, we had a good season. Ayahuasca, 46 touchdowns, five interceptions, MVP.”

It would truly be incredible if the greatest performance out there was hiding in plain sight and in superheated yurts this whole time. The NFL is such a win-now league that you know if such a correlation between this drug's use and success emerged, half the league would be doing it — even if they didn't enjoy it. Honestly, the entire head coaching profession could benefit from chilling out about 80 percent so here's hoping that happens.

The highlight, at least for us, was when the gunslinger brilliantly summed up the mystical power of words.

“You know,” Rodgers said, “words are so interesting. They have such power in their spells. There’s a reason it’s called ‘spelling,’ because the way that the letters are put together have such power.”

Something for the New York media to keep in mind should the Jets not breeze into the playoffs. Guy is playing the long game and so much smarter than people give him credit for being.