8 Options to Replace Cris Carter on First Things First


Cris Carter is out at FOX Sports. And FOX plans replace him at some point on FS1's morning show First Things First with Nick Wright and Jenna Wolfe. While nothing as yet been decided, here are eight options to sit opposite of Wright:

Chris Canty

Chris Canty's been a regular on the show and has gotten the call to fill-in since October 30, which we now know was Carter's last show. Canty, like Carter, provides former football player analysis and has chemistry with Wright already. This would also be a win-win for FOX as a way to no longer have to share him with ESPN, where he co-hosts Humpty & Canty on ESPN New York 98.7.

Reggie Bush

If FOX wants to make an in-house flashy move to try to bring attention to its morning show, Reggie Bush is the option. Sources around the industry have said FOX has been impressed with Bush's performance with the network. Bush is a recognizable face and name that could even elevate the show as it has yet to garner much attention in the daily discussion. If Bush is willing to move to New York, and do a daily show early in the morning, this is an option that will have to be in the discussion.

Will Blackmon

The 12-year NFL veteran is currently a media free agent after departing from the NFL Network. Blackmon has been contributing to FS1 and is someone that the network is high on from his appearances on The Herd. Blackmon is outspoken, like Carter was, but would add some fun to the show. This is an underrated component to making debate/personality shows successful. As an example, he is the @NFLWineGuy.

Bomani Jones

Bomani Jones' deal with ESPN is expiring soon and he is one of Wright's closest friends. It wouldn't take long for the two to figure it out on-air. FS1 has been aggressive with Jones twice before, but ultimately he wound up staying with ESPN both times. High Noon is not the show it was meant to be when it first aired and often times is a misfit combining Jones and Pablo Torre's personalities with the format and topics. So, it would be far from astounding if there is mutual interest here. Jones is polarizing to some, but he'd have great chemistry with Wright.

Chris Broussard

Broussard is another natural fit. He's filled in on First Things First several times in the past. Even before moving over to FOX, Broussard was no stranger to this style of banter frequently appearing on First Take. The most news that First Things First has made came from Carter's NBA free agency predictions and insight on Kawhi Leonard. If nothing else, Broussard would get this show in the news.

Damien Woody

Not only is the timing right with Damien Woody entering a contract year with ESPN, but he also fits the genre. For the past year, Woody has stood out on both First Take and Get Up. He's most often used to discuss on-field NFL topics, but has proven to be well-equipped talking about the NBA and social topics. There is a lot of value with Woody for FOX. He would work as a guest on The Herd and could take over Carter's role in the booth on Sundays. Woody expressed his interest in calling games to The Big Lead last month. 

Sarah Kustok

Kustok is one of sports media's fasted rising talents. The unique, versatile voice has been impressive since she began working on the Nets broadcasts. She's been on the show as a guest in the past and meshes alongside Wright and Wolfe. Kustok would also provide inside information to the show, as she has done before.

Jorge Sedano

Jorge Sedano is another ESPN talent with a deal soon expiring. Sedano's an option that would give the show an extra opinionated voice. Sedano's style works in this situation as he can go deep into sports topics with Wright but also provide a different perspective. The current ESPN Los Angeles radio host is most known for the NBA, but is a big college football fan, has incorporated the NFL in most of his past shows, and has not shied away from touchy subjects such as the NBA-China matter.