Zion Williamson Looks Absolutely Ripped

Zion Williamson doing push-ups
Zion Williamson doing push-ups /

There has been much made in the social media realm over the weight of Zion Williamson since we last saw him on the court way back near the end of the 2020-21 season. Whenever Williamson is a victim of an unflattering camera angle, the Twitter doctors go wild as they try to deduce whether the former No. 1 overall pick is too heavy to play at the highest level.

It can get pretty weird. But there's also a kernel of reason in there. The opinion has long been held that the only thing stopping Zion from becoming utterly unstoppable is his playing weight. Finding the right number is a tougher balance to strike for him than others because his other-worldly athleticism puts great stress on his body, yet part of what makes him so good is the fact that he's just a big dude.

Williamson missed all of last season recovering from foot surgery and many jokes were made. It looks like he's taking such jokes personally because he looks absolutely ripped now. He posted a video announcing his new signature Jordan shoe on Twitter last night and looks like a Greek god of old:

Lest you think this is merely some video-editing trickery, Zion apparently played some pickup last night and somebody posted a picture of him afterwards.

Zion looks downright slim in that picture. Except his arms, obviously. It's downright hilarious and a great reminder of how professional athletes look compared to normal people.

The NBA is, without a doubt, way more fun with Zion out there jamming it. Hopefully this is all a sign that he'll be ready to go come October.