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Zion Williamson Looks Horrible

Brian Giuffra
Zion Williamson talking with former Duke teammate RJ Barrett.
Zion Williamson talking with former Duke teammate RJ Barrett. / Sean Gardner/GettyImages

Zion Williamson is recovering from offseason foot surgery with no timetable for when he will play basketball competitively again. His weight reportedly ballooned to over 300 pounds following the surgery and Pelicans VP of basketball operations David Griffin said this week that Williamson still hasn’t been cleared to resume practicing with the team.

After seeing him run before the Pelicans' loss to the Knicks on Saturday night, that's no surprise.

Wearing warm-up gear and looking thicker than ever, Zion ran some side-step drills finished off with a "jog" to the sideline. It's honestly stunning to see.

This from a man we're used to seeing move like this.

Concerning is one word that comes to mind. Shocking is another.

Not only does Zion look more like an offensive lineman than a small forward, he also looks disengaged. Now, we don't want to read too much into just one clip, but there were reports Zion was discontent with the Pelicans this offseason and nothing we've seen or heard since suggests that's incorrect.

The season is still young and Zion has plenty of time to shed weight and get back on the court and make me look stupid for questioning his commitment. But this is not a good look for a player many thought could be the next LeBron.