Most Likely Zach Ertz Trade Destinations

Zach Ertz (left) and Carson Wentz.
Zach Ertz (left) and Carson Wentz. / Mitchell Leff/Getty Images

While trade talks in Philadelphia have centered around Carson Wentz, one of Wentz's top targets is also expected to be shipped out of town this offseason.

Zach Ertz, who came to represent the Eagles as much as any other player before, during and after their Super Bowl run, is on the trade block after reportedly getting into a "heated exchange" with general manager Howie Roseman last year amidst a contract dispute. The issues carried over to the regular season where Ertz had the worst season of his career, accumulating 335 yards and scoring only once in 11 games.

Ertz will make $8.5 million this year but has nothing guaranteed after that. He wants a new contract and seems ready for a change of scenery too. So where is Ertz most likely to end up? Let's take a look.

Seattle Seahawks

Russell Wilson recently voiced his frustration with the organization and desire to have a bigger say in personnel decisions. Ertz could provide a sure-handed security blanket for Wilson and a large red zone target. We know Wilson loved the connection with Jimmy Graham for all those years. While Ertz now isn't what Graham was then, the Seahawks have a big hole to fill at tight end and Ertz could be part of that solution.

New England Patriots

Bill Belichick hasn't set a clear course for the franchise since the loss of Tom Brady, but the one thing the Patriots were missing last year that they had throughout Brady's winning tenure was a reliable tight end. We know Belichick likes veteran reclamation projects on low-cost contracts and Ertz certainly fits that mold. The question is, does Belichick want to give up precious draft capital for an aging tight end who looked like he lost a step last year?

Jacksonville Jaguars

The Jags are a young team led by a rookie NFL coach expected to pick quarterback Trevor Lawrence No. 1 in the draft this year. In those situations, it's always good to add a veteran who has been there before. Ertz can be a reliable security blanket for Lawrence and help educate the Jaguars' young receiving corp on what it takes to succeed and improve. Plus he's a winner. That presence is important for a franchise that is trying to transform its losing culture.

Indianapolis Colts

Wentz's preferred destination is reportedly the Colts and there have been trade talks between the two sides. It just so happens the Colts also have a need at tight end too. Could the Eagles package the long-time duo together in a trade? That might be too complicated. However, there's reason to believe Ertz could end up in Indy based on need. And who knows, maybe both of them do.