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Good For John Sterling

Kyle Koster
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees
Detroit Tigers v New York Yankees / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

As soon as Aaron Judge's 62nd homer flew off lumber, John Sterling snapped into action. At 84 years-old and having forgotten more about broadcasting than 99 percent of people will ever know, there's precious little he hasn't seen before. This was slow-roasted history, finally ready to enjoy. And Sterling rose to the moment, punctuating the milestone with the perfect blend of excitement and intentionally overwrought pageantry.

Good for him. Seriously. He was the right person to be behind the microphone and it's fantastic he was able to travel down to Texas to see it. Sterling has had more than his fair share of bloopers in recent years in the judging longballs department and those have shown up on sports blogs, including this one. But deep down, we understand that baseball needs this. The hometown announcer who is larger-than-life and becomes part of the fabric of fans' lives.

It takes a special person and it takes a special confidence. That last part is the thing that really stands out. How awesome must it be to possess such bravado? To just go for it without a safety net, knowing there's no chance to edit in post? It's certainly not for everyone.

So thanks to the moon and the stars for aligning and giving Sterling another chance at a home run. And for him for connecting so solidly.