'F Altuve' Chants Highlighted a Year of Frustration For Yankees Fans Finally Able to Boo the Houston Astros

A Yankees fan holds an anti-Jose Altuve sign.
A Yankees fan holds an anti-Jose Altuve sign. / Sarah Stier/Getty Images

The New York Yankees beat the dastardly Houston Astros on Tuesday night, 7-3. The environment in the Bronx was electric as fans had been waiting what felt like years to boo the Astros after they beat the Yankees in the 2019 ALCS and were then exposed in a cheating scandal. Fans really did try to go all out. Via ESPN:

David Taub of Brooklyn arrived wearing a costume of Oscar the Grouch with a tank top reading "Trashtros" but was told he could not wear the outfit into the stadium due to a new policy.

"It was about $90 and I ordered it and it was three weeks in backorder, so I made sure to order it early," Taub said. "I had this game penciled in for a long time, since the schedule came out. I have been waiting to go to this game for over a year and a half, waiting for the Astros to come. I circled this game as soon as I knew fans were allowed."

So not everything went exactly as planned, but the Yankees felt the energy and loved it. Aaron Boone and Giancarlo Stanton were among those who were thrilled with the atmosphere.

And what did that playoff atmosphere sound like? The dulcet tones of ten thousand people chanting "F--k Altuve."

Astros manager Dusty Baker summed up the tension the Astros were feeling by saying, "At least there wasn't any violence." Probably because they were all too tired from blowing up their inflatable trash cans.

People who hate the Houston Astros are just built different.