Wrexham Promotion Chances Never Higher After Huge Win Over Notts County

Wrexham v Notts County - Vanarama National League
Wrexham v Notts County - Vanarama National League / Jan Kruger/GettyImages

Monday brought an absolutely massive win for America's favorite fifth-tier soccer team as Wrexham AFC took down Notts County in a battle of National League titans. The two squads have been by far the best two teams in the league this year and entered Monday's match tied in total points at 100. Notts County in the lead thanks to goal differential.

With only a few matches left to play in the season, this served as a title match of sorts, with the winner nearly assured to earn first place in the league.

It was a wild affair that featured several lead changes, but Wrexham emerged victorious, 3-2. As a reminder this is huge for Ryan Reynolds and Rob McElhenney because if Wrexham finishes first in the National League, they earn an automatic promotion to League Two for next year.

The play of the game came in the very last minute of stoppage time, when veteran Wrexham keeper Ben Foster made a massive save on a penalty for Notts County.

This does not officially clinch Wrexham's place atop the National League and that automatic promotion. The Red Dragons suffered a stunning loss last week, so nothing is certain. But out of the final four matches, Wrexham only needs two wins and a draw (at worst) to clinch. That's assuming Notts County goes undefeated down the stretch. If not, there's a lot more margin for error for the Wrexham lads.

The fat lady has yet to sing, but today's win is the biggest in recent history for Wrexham. As long as the squad keeps steady for the last four matches, Wrexham should earn promotion after 15 years. And this season of Welcome To Wrexham will be incredible.