AUDIO: Will Cain Gives Emotional Sign-Off on Last Day at ESPN

Will Cain
Will Cain /

Friday marked Will Cain's final day at ESPN. The radio host will be returning to Fox News and leaving the world of sports for the maelstrom that is political coverage. It was quite a final week for Cain after he appeared on First Take for the first time in ages to discuss the Bubba Wallace noose incident and Bomani Jones made a rare radio appearance to argue with Cain about his comments.

It was a whirlwind, but Cain's final day arrived regardless. On the last episode of the Will Cain Show on Friday afternoon, Cain got choked up thanking the people who have helped him over the years and gave an emotional monologue about the relationship between radio host and audience. You can listen to the full segment starting at 34:00, and the full transcription is below:

"It's the Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio. One more time. You know, the risk in listing off names is you leave somebody off, and I inevitably will. I want to correct the record with two names I did leave off that I can remember right now. Amanda Gifford, in radio, in talent, in radio again, has been a great ally of mine. Somebody I've absolutely counted on, somebody I could lean on throughout my career. I was talking about talent I've been a part of, who have been important... Ryen Russillo has been absolutely a supporter as well and put me in positions to succeed, at first on his show, filling in for Danny and then when he was solo. Every step of the way, Ryan hasn't just been a champion, he's been a friend of mine. I am indebted to Ryen Russillo as well.

The final relationship I want to talk about is ours. Yours and mine. As Bubba said a minute ago, we think about the audience all the time. We think about the listener. But I don't even like that word 'listener' because it sounds like it's a one-way street. To me, it's a two-way street. All I ever cared about was connecting with people. Going back and forth, disagreeing, whatever it may be. That's where life is, to me. I've asked you to look at each other as individuals. I've asked you to judge each other as people. As a man, as a woman, by their character. I've harped on it. I've said it, and now it's controversial. I've asked it, over and over. I've said it's how I think I should live my life. Here's what you did. And I appreciate this. You did that to me. You listened to me... As an individual, you took the time. Some of you hated me. Some of you disagreed with me. But you took the time to listen to me. And that's everything, man. That's everything. That's the start and finish of this whole deal. Listening to each other. Interacting."

Cain took one final caller, then thanked the audience one last time.

"Thank you so much for listening to the Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio."