Bomani Jones Takes Will Cain to Task For Comments on NASCAR And Race Relations

Bomani Jones, ESPN
Bomani Jones, ESPN /

Bomani Jones went on The Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio and it was quite a ride. It's Cain's final week at ESPN and Jones called into his show and the two had a spirited back-and-forth that bordered on contentious, though it did remain mostly civil.

First, a little background: earlier in the day, Cain went on First Take and discussed the fallout for NASCAR from the Bubba Wallace garage/"noose" incident. He argued that NASCAR and the media had motivations other than the truth and instead were advancing an agenda and a brand. He further discussed the backlash both Wallace and NASCAR could face from this:

That appearance came after Cain had tweeted a thread earlier accusing both NASCAR and the media of sowing division and not caring about the truth:

Despite the contentious nature of the segment, Cain's ESPN colleagues wished him well as it was his last appearance on the show before he heads to Fox News.

Soon after the segment aired, Jones tweeted this:

What follows is the segment where Jones went on Cain's show:

Cain thinks NASCAR screwing up the "noose" incident at Talladega this weekend was an impediment to race relations in this country. Jones clearly disagrees and lays out why in a thoughtful manner.

While many on Twitter were claiming this was some sort of fight between the two, I actually thought it was a fairly civil discussion. Yes, Jones made his points forcefully and occasionally talked over the host, but it never devolved into a screaming match or name-calling. This wasn't a radio fight.

Still, Jones definitely made his point and took Cain to task for his stance on the incident and race relations in general.