Which of These Suggested Mississippi State Flag Redesigns Is Your Favorite?

Mississippi State Flag Redesign Submissions
Mississippi State Flag Redesign Submissions / Mississippi State Flag Commission

Helped along by the voices of some of their collegiate athletes, Mississippi voted to redesign its state flag recently. The former flag bore a strong resemblance to the Confederate flag, so a change was needed.

It would seem that instead of, you know, having professional flag-designers (I'm sure that's a thing) work on the new one, Mississippi opened the whole thing up to crowd submissions. Over 200 custom flag designs were submitted, and the general populace is allowed to vote on which they prefer. It is unclear how much these votes will actually matter in the grand scheme of the final decision, but who cares about that? When you open up something like this to everybody, there will be some gems.

Ole Miss beat writer Nick Suss did all of us the favor of putting together some of the best in a series of tweets. I am extremely partial to the Pacer Test option, despite the intense and always unwelcome middle school flashbacks it gave me.

Really just stellar stuff all-around. I also like the utilization of the grinning Jesus meme, as seen above in the title image of this post. Separation of church and state is crucial, but I say we bend the rules a little here.

Some other personal favorites, all pulled directly from the Mississippi State Flag Commission's website: