When Will Tom Brady Join Fox Sports?

Tom Brady
Tom Brady / Jim McIsaac/GettyImages

Tom Brady will be joining Fox Sports as an NFL analyst after he retires, Lachlan Murdoch revealed during a FOX earning call today. Brady tweeted about the news afterwards and said he's excited about the opportunity but still has a lot of "unfinished business" with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

If it wasn't obvious already, Brady's retirement date is not set. Far from it. He gave it a whirl this offseason and lasted just over a month before coming back. Add in all the noise about the Miami Dolphins power move he was apparently trying to pull off and it's really anybody's guess.

So when will Tom Brady join Fox Sports?


Next year is the absolute earliest Brady could join FOX. He's signed up for at least one more season with the Buccaneers and already did the unretirement dance so he's locked in for 2022. Now that he's dipped his toes into post-playing life it wouldn't be shocking to see Brady hang them up again, regardless of how next season plays out for his team. But knowing what we do about the quarterback, he may not be satisfied until he has another ring for his collection-- and that may take longer than one year.


If it does, it may delay his Fox Sports employment one year longer. Brady's contract has a bunch of voidable years as part of Tampa Bay's cap shenanigans but he'll effectively be a free agent next offseason. If the 2022 season doesn't go as planned and/or he doesn't love life under new head coach Todd Bowles, Brady very well could look for another new home. Especially if there's any truth to the Dolphins rumors.


This feels like the last possible year for Brady to join Fox. They probably won't wait forever, even for the greatest QB to take the field. It would be astonishing to see the soon-to-be-45-year-old play three more NFL seasons but all reasonable expectations were tossed out the window a long time ago when it comes to Tom Brady. If he isn't with FOX at this point we may as well start to consider that Brady is cursed to walk NFL fields for the rest of his days.