'Welcome to Wrexham' Makes You Care About Soccer You Should Definitely Not Care About

Stephen Douglas
Wrexham v Grimsby Town - Vanarama National League Play-Off Semi Final
Wrexham v Grimsby Town - Vanarama National League Play-Off Semi Final / Lewis Storey/GettyImages

Welcome to Wrexham wrapped up its first season this week, revealing the fate of the club for anyone who hadn't already looked up the results. Now that the first season is over, it's the perfect time to check in on the current status of the club as they prepare to take on the Blythe Spartans in an FA Cup qualifying match on ESPN2 Saturday morning.

Wrexham is currently 9-2-2 in the National League, sitting right at the top of the table with Notts County. This is the fifth division of European football and I am apparently heavily invested because the show was so damn good.

We talked about Welcome to Wrexham a month ago on The Big Stream and luckily didn't jinx the show. The end of the season was excellent and heartbreaking. The games are shot so effectively and its really the perfect way to watch soccer - heavily edited and consumed in mere minutes. The show provided some real ups and downs. I may have pumped a fist or two after big goals or done a surrender cobra at one point. They just did a great job with the sports movie part of the series.

Overall, everything worked. As soon as you thought you had the show's formula figured out they would go in another direction and the finale combined it all. And it worked. I became a Wrexham fan. I considered buying a hat and scarf and maybe an Ollie Palmer jersey.

That's what this show does to you. It has to be more effective in creating fans than any North American expansion team in recent history. This is four tiers below the soccer that the general public actually care about. If Wrexham somehow climbs all the way to the Premier League they'll be the biggest club in the world. I don't care how many super hero movies Ryan Reynolds has to make a year to pay transfer fees. This is what we do now.

I am looking forward to the next season and promotion. Whichever comes first.