WEEI's Chris Curtis Suspended One Week for Mina Kimes-Mila Kunis Comment


WEEI's Chris Curtis inadvertently interjected some racism into Wednesday's episode of The Greg Hill Show when he apparently only meant to interject some sexism during an ill-fated discussion about the group's "top five nips." He accidentally said "Mina Kimes" when he meant to say "Mila Kunis," per corporate claims, further maiming whatever the hell he was going for in the moment. Taking all this into consideration, it was one of the worst deliveries since Arthur Fleck tried standup.

This obviously generated a decent amount of interest because it's Boston radio and involves one of the top talents at ESPN. Kimes' network put out a statement calling the comments "uncalled for" and "extremely offensive." Kimes took the unfortunate situation of being thrust into the news for an annoying reason in stride and with humor.

Curtis is reportedly taking his own medicine in the form of a one-week suspension.

We'll add Curtis' apology when video emerges and it's irresponsible to judge before seeing the full content and context. However, it feels quite safe to say that one week isn't going to be near enough for some people and way too much for others. Something about this particular story has created the ultimate petri dish for insanity in the comment section and there's no reason to think that will stop anytime soon.

It wouldn't necessarily been surprising if this had been a job-ending quip, but given the defense from WEEI yesterday, however harebrained it may seem, they were apparently committed to sticking with Curtis.