I Am Once Again Imploring the Washington Football Team to Keep Their Name

Washington Football Team
Washington Football Team / Scott Taetsch/GettyImages

Today, the Washington Football Team announced they'd be revealing their new official name on February 2. It's been an extremely long rollout for something very few people really care about, but the saga will finally end in one month.

Conspiracies and guesses galore already litter the Internet as the greater football-viewing population attempts to figure out what the name will be before it is actually announced. I am here, though, to repeat the same plea I made when the organization announced the Football Team as its temporary name -- just keep it the Washington Football Team!

It's been two years now and we're all pretty much used to it. It was a little strange at first and it's still hard to talk about them in conversation because referring to the Football Team could mean either Washington or their opponents (both are football teams, after all). But it is familiar now. It'll be more of a pain to remember what the new name is than just sticking with it.

More importantly, the Football Team is a legitimately unique name! No other NFL franchise is anything like it. The logos tend to be a bit bland but can always be reimagined and honestly the merch is better than what they had previously. It is simple, and sometimes you just gotta keep it simple.

Whether it's the Commodores or the Admirals or whatever other dumb thing Dan Snyder decided would make him the most money, the Football Team remains the best option. It is one-of-a-kind and merchandise sales are based off how good the team is, not how cool the logo is. Keep the Washington Football Team!