The Washington Football Team Should Just Be the Franchise's New Name

Liam McKeone
Washington Football Team Old Logo
Washington Football Team Old Logo / Drew Angerer/Getty Images

The Washington football franchise announced its placeholder name for the foreseeable future while Dan Snyder and his cronies figure out the new name for the team. That placeholder name is the Washington Football Franchise. And honestly? They should just stick with it.

A nickname is an important part of a team. It sells merchandise and gives teams their own identity. But the Washington Football Franchise is unique enough that such an explanatory name could stick. I'd buy a hat that says "Washington Football Franchise" on it. Not from the official NFL store or anything, but I would. It's super-weird, which makes it perfect.

They won't stick with it, of course. The Washington Football Franchise would be a permanent reminder of why Snyder had to change the name in the first place, and I'm sure he is doing everything in his power to distance his organization from the old name after his wallet was threatened. Nonetheless, we can hope. And my hope is that we get a football franchise named the Football Franchise in the NFL.