Vince Carter Tried and Failed to Dunk on Shaq on 'Inside the NBA'


Inside the NBA remains one of the best sports shows on television despite the fact that some of its most prominent stars don't appear to actually watch much basketball. The thing is, Inside the NBA is more about the notes that they don't play - or air. Basically, the show is at its best when it has nothing to do with whatever is happening in the NBA. Like in this clip where Vince Carter - filling in for Charles Barkley - went around backstage and dunked on people with a tiny basket.

And then they tried to get Shaq, who was very aware of what was about to happen.

That's just excellent television. Shaq was clearly prepared. Not because they tipped him off, but because he knows how this works. You don't do a whole segment where people are getting dunked on around the office and show clips of people jumping over Shaq in a dunk contest and then not try to dunk over Shaq. So good for him not only being prepared, but being able to move so damn quickly. And then he took off his jacket and started dunking. For a moment, it was like we were all young again...

Speaking of which, remember all those Vines of people getting dunked on in public? Talk about a golden era of Internet.

I love that the video quality is so bad that this might have originally happened in the early 1900's. And yet it's just as entertaining as it was a decade ago.

Anyway, thank you Inside the NBA for trying to take us back to a happier time.