Video of Hurricane Idalia Storm Surge And Flooding Is Incredible


Hurricane Idalia hit the western coast of Florida as a Category 3 storm on Wednesday and is poised to cause major damage and destruction. We've already written about footage from coverage of Idalia, but now we're getting a look at the crazy storm surge and the havoc it is wreaking as the storm made landfall. The videos are incredible.

Here are some of the insane videos emerging of the storm surge over the past 12 hours:

That's incredibly scary, especially because there is nothing anyone can do to stop that kind of storm surge and flooding. All the people in those areas can do it get to higher ground and wait it out.

Idalia has now mostly left Florida and moved northeast into Georgia, while it is weakening as it spends more time over land, it is still categorized as a hurricane for the moment.

Here's hoping everyone in Florida and Georgia are staying safe.