VIDEO: Giants Fan Gets Punched in Face by Cowboys Fan And Enjoys It

Bobby Burack

The Cowboys' 37-18 win over the Giants last night will be forever known as the game where a black cat got on the field. But the cat's interruption wasn't the only extracurricular activity going on during the NFC East clash. There was also crowd punching.

A Giants fan was caught on video getting punched in the face by a Cowboys fan and visibly enjoying the experience. At one point, you can even hear the man loudly saying, "I love it!"

If this Giants fan was trying to build a reputation, he just got one. Sure, he could have been known as the man who got punched, then delivered a returning knockout at a "Monday Night Football" showdown. But being the guy not phased by punches to the face is an even better story when you get with your buddies and reminisce on your fighting history at 1 a.m. in the garage.

Though, we need to factor in these punches by this Dallas fan. Let's be honest -- unlike boxing judges -- they weren't good. No technique, no speed, little power. Not that they couldn't be felt, but an "Is that all you got?" should have followed.

Adding all this up, despite his team losing and being nearly unwatchable, this was a win for the man who took the punch to the face.