VIDEO: Black Cat Interrupts Giants and Cowboys on Monday Night Football

Ryan Phillips

A black cat interrupted Monday Night Football as the New York Giants and Dallas Cowboys were in the middle of trying to play a football game. But if you know anything about cats, it really didn't care what the humans were doing, it was going to take its lap around MetLife Stadium come hell or high water.

Check this out:

As you'd assume, Westwood One's Kevin Harlan had the best call of the action:

The incident happened with a few minutes left in the second quarter and the Giants driving to try and increase their 9-3 lead. After the brief pause in the action, Daniel Jones and company managed three points out of the drive. No thanks to Salem's antics.

The cat took over the field just like every domestic cat takes over the house it lives in. That stadium now belongs to that cat. It's his. There's nothing the Giants can do about it.