Victor Wembanyama Is Just Surreal

Spurs rookie introduces world to the "scoop dunk."
Ronald Cortes/GettyImages

The thing about watching Victor Wembanyama is that a person can get used to the things he does on the court over the course of 48 minutes. We've evolved to the point where we can't allow our brains to be absolutely fried into oblivion by each and every single thing the San Antonio Spurs rookie does — even if most of it we've never seen before or, like Guy Fieri, he's putting an incredibly bold new twist on a classic big man move. But it does seem that once per game he's going to do something that makes the viewer feel like Joaquin Phoenix reviewing surveillance footage in Signs.

Like — and it feels incredible to say this — dunking a basketball from an underhanded scoop motion. Which he did last night against the Philadelphia 76ers.

What are we even talking about here? That's the type of move usually reserved for Nerf hoops or other low-ceiling basement hoop situations. Wembanyama is doing it on a 10-foot goal against world-class defenders. And making it look incredibly easy.

Somewhere in his brain he knew he could do that. Without much difficulty. Then he did it.

It's downright insane that Wembanyama is going to get better, get stronger, and get even smarter. Hardly seems fair.