'Vengeance' Review: B.J. Novak Teaches Coastal Elites the True Meaning of Texas

Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' "Vengeance"
Los Angeles Premiere Of Focus Features' "Vengeance" / Robin L Marshall/GettyImages

On the latest episode of The Big Stream, Stephen Douglas and Kyle Koster -- a couple of coastal elites who don't know who won the Battle of the Alamo -- review Vengeance (currently on Amazon Prime). B.J. Novak's feature length directorial debut follows a New York City-based writer who ends up creating a podcast about his dead ex-hookup in Texas.

Novak beautifully weaves takes on hookup culture, the Internet, true crime podcasts into a legitimate mystery that draws thematic connections between seemingly disparate elements and uses that to illustrate a larger point or theory. You know, all that crap. It's very good.

Ashton Kutcher steals the show as a local record producer who might be the smartest person in Texas. The family of the dead white girl, played by Boyd Holbrook, Dove Cameron, J. Smith-Cameron, Eli Bickel, and Isabella Amara, are all perfect and hilarious in their roles. If you pay attention, you might even learn a thing or two about Texas. And Six Flags.

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Vengeance, directed, written by, and starring B.J. Novak, is currently available on Amazon Prime. We really enjoyed it, so if a black comedy western about a city slicker podcaster who finds himself investigating the muder of a casual hookup in Texas sounds like something you might enjoy, you should check it out and then listen to our podcast because everyone has a take.

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